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Wednesday April 15th @ 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

About this Upcoming Event

AGC provides the ultimate online networking experience utilizing a Facebook Group.

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Motivation - Watch a dynamic motivational speaker sharing their Ted Talks style presentation designed to leave you inspired with an educational take away.

Q&A - We finish the event up with interactive Questions & Answers from our speaker.

This Event's Motivational Speaker
Lisa Zmuda Photo
Lisa Zmuda

10 focused steps to relaunch YOU in 2020

YOU WANT LESS...You want fewer distractions and less on your plate. The daily barrage of e-mails, texts, tweets, messages, and meetings distract you and stress you out.The simultaneous demands of work and family are taking a toll. And what's the cost? Second-rate work, missed deadlines, smaller paychecks, fewer promotions--and lots of stress. AND YOU WANT MORE...You want more productivity from your work. More income for a better lifestyle. You want more satisfaction from life, and more time for yourself, your family, and friends.

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Speaker Bio:
I'm a coach, connector and motivator who inspires and empowers people to define their goals through a step by step approach. I believe everyone owns the possibility to be extraordinary and that living a life filled with purpose -- and a plan filled with hope (and excitement) should not be the exception for just a few, but the rule for all its what I consider normal life.

My passion is found in using the One Thing approach in guiding others to ignite real results in business and entrepreneurial productivity which in turn, shows up in other areas of their lives. This focus approach is a way of defining goals by leaning into innate strengths and resources that already exist.

My goal is to help you illuminate your most purpose-driven path and by doing so, spark the passion for living the life you really want, not one that has simply developed by default -- I employ 'possibility' thinking and help you focus on the plan and not the problem.

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About Us

Accelerated Global Connections believes that personal connections drive business. We have observed that strong personal connections often start in a casual environment outside of the traditional work day. We recognize there is a need for productive events where people can meet with purpose and begin to do business with people they enjoy hanging out with and maybe even become friends.

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