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Thursday November 18th @ 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Attend this AGC Talks Live Broadcast Here / 3pm PST


About this Upcoming Event


Motivation - Watch a dynamic motivational speaker sharing their Ted Talks style presentation designed to leave you inspired with an educational take away.

Q&A - We finish the event up with interactive Questions & Answers from our speaker.

AGC Member Zoom Room
Our AGC members will meet in the AGC Zoom Room following the speaker to network, promote your business, ask for a referral, and grow your relationships.

This Event's Motivational Speaker
Donna Willis Photo
Donna Willis

The Self-Aware Lifestyle: Setting the Foundation thru Financial Awareness

What if you hired on a new employee this year? An employee that works solely on your bottom-line growth never misses a day and multiplies everything they touched creating effortless income for you. That would be one great employee, right!

Let me introduce your new employee. Their name is MONEY.

Imagine if through becoming financially aware you were able to raise your income, gain additional streams of revenue, and reduce your debt, or become totally debit-free, what value would you put on that imagination! Priceless, right!

Well, that is what becoming Financially Aware does - it moves your life from pennies and dimes to Priceless.

Talk Learning Objectives

1. Imagine money like sand held in your hands. If you hold onto money too tightly, like sand it will squish out between your fingers. If you hold it too loosely it will fly away. If you cup it with respect and acknowledgment it remains and is in harmony within your embrace.

2. When we worry about money, it creates more work to manifest the same outcome or better outcome than if we trust and manage our worry. Meaning, when we take the emotions out of money and see it as just a tool we can better use the tool.

3. Create a relationship with your money. Just like in any relationship important to you, take interest in getting to know its language. Read, keep a budget, know where it is and what it is doing. In the law of physics, everything is changed by the eye of the observer as they become "aware" of it. So, observe your finances with awareness and honesty.

4. Own your choices. Dont dwell on what you shouldnt have bought, invested in, or saved in the past. Dwell in what you have now. Be conscious of your spending without making yourself feel deprived. Seek Balance.

5. It is all a mindset "game. Always remind yourself of this.

6. We cant take it with us, and if there is a way to leave a bonus for others after; life insurance, Equity, etc. then great. Otherwise, strive for scaling back to live more and "own" less to weigh this life down. Know your definition of success.

7. Live the life you envision, see, but from this moment now. Dont buy a mansion on a Trailer income. Be Honest and Real with your expectations. Dont compare or believe that those with a mansion are happy and perfect. There are people in beautiful Trailers who are happier than those in the most extravagant mansion.

8. Trust your gut. Trust your gut. Trust your gut.

9. Money is a tool, not a toy. If you use it for stimulation, be aware that you use it for stimulation or motivation as you can shift where you get these feelings into getting them in a more productive healthier way, or at least not indulge as often. We can become numb to the sensation of when to stop.

10. Take a risk. A calculated risk. Know as much of your terrain and path ahead as you can naturally. From curiosity. Do an analysis, consider the pros and cons. Use Other People's Money/Credit.

Speaker Bio:
For 30 years, Donna Tiger Willis has utilized her intense empathic and intuitive abilities to start 3-small businesses generating over a half million a year within two years of leaving a domestic violence marriage, but she kept rising and even falling, failing into the lessons and life that built her resilience to rise again, and again. She has thrived, even when she thought she was just surviving and continues to rise no matter what has knocked her down, been in her way, or seem more than she was capable of achieving. What was the trick, the secret, the inside scoop of ever evolving to her greatest and highest-self living, Self-Awareness.

Donna discovered that throughout her years as CEO of The Christmas Connection, Event Connections and Northstar Production and Design, as well as through her time supporting and coaching C-Level executives for 15 years in the global corporate realm, that the most powerful yet confronting aspect of all our growth, whether it be personal or business development, that our hardest relationship we face is the one with ourselves. It is her lifes mission to work with others to the greatest relationship of all. The relationship that holds your success, your fulfillment, and unshakeable inner peace is the one with ourselves. The answers to all our struggles and our greatness realized are within us, when we can get out of our head, into our heart and hear our very soul.

As the founder of Your Evolution Coach, she works with the coaching model of The Prism Principle: A Self-Aware Lifestyle, where others can find within themselves the code, the key, and the answers to not only Why am I here? but Who AM I, really? without all the layers of titles roles and responsibilities life layers on. There you are able to live authentically, free to be and live in the passions and pleasures of who you were meant to be in your own life.

The starting foundation of a Self-Aware life begins with the base of what will create a solid ground for her clients growth providing the avenues for them to invest in themselves again through Financial Awareness.

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