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ENGAGE EVENT CENTER, 6975 Washington Ave S., EDINA, MN 55439
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Friday August 4th @ 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

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Travis Sims, LeBrent Speed, Quincy Oliver Photo
Travis Sims, LeBrent Speed, Quincy Oliver


Three accomplished speakers, and teachers, at one event, under one roof for one low price! You want to be in attendance for the business event of the year! This event will sell out with ONLY 50 seats available! ONLY $199 a HUGE VALUE for a low price! Get your tickets now!


About LeBrent Speed:

LeBrent Speed is all about change. Change happens whether we like it or not. LeBrent is a speaker and transformation coach who helps people and organizations that find themselves going through difficult transitions or facing setbacks. He shows them how to get unstuck by using failure as a roadmap to success. He also used his own strategies to recently lose 120 pounds.

You will learn:

My section will help you understand the connection of health and your wealth. It will also allow you achieve more by giving you the strength, vitality, and joy you need to overcome obstacles and tackle big goals.


About Travis Sims:

Travis is known worldwide as the Magician of Networking. For 18+ years he has been teaching & coaching the best business leadership minds across the country how to do networking, build networks, and create community. He has engaged audiences as large as 3,000 people in 49 different countries. Travis is the CEO of AGC Accelerated Global Connections and a two-time Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC with his books "Networking In the New normal" and "The Magic of Networking."

You will learn:

Everyone says that networking is the best way to grow your business, yet no one taught you how to do it. You end up attending events, collecting a lot of business cards, and get frustrated with your results.

In this seminar you will learn how to connect authentically with business professionals to get a higher ROI for your business while networking. I will teach you how to work a room. From starting a conversation to ending a conversation. How to effectively follow up after an event. How to land meaningful and productive face to face meetings. How to take a relationship from introduction to closed business. Stop leaving your networking to chance and start getting the results you really want!


Quincy Oliver:

The Most Dangerous Speaker in North America®. Quincy Oliver is an Awarding Winning Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Consultant.

Energetic, Informative and Entertaining, Quincy Oliver is a catalyst for action and a messenger of hope. He possesses an incredible speaking and teaching ability to inspire people to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

It is his ability to use stories, motivational strategies, examples and humor to make his points and deliver the message that inspires audiences to See the Invisible, Believe the Incredible and Achieve the Impossible.

You will learn:

The Blueprint for Achieving Success In this no holds-barred presentationYou will be empowered Why the Power of Thought is critical to your financial success. Why we must refresh your financial thinking. How negative money scripts and limiting beliefs become roadblocks to our success. How to cultivate an abundance mindset. How our fears, beliefs and attitude play a major role in our success. How to achieve financial success from the inside out.

ONLY 50 seats available! ONLY $199 a HUGE VALUE for a low price! Get your tickets now!

This Event Is Full

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