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Cowboy Jacks, 14998 Glazier Ave, Apple Valley, MN 55124
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Tuesday April 23rd @ 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

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Networking Arrive to meet new people have great conversations, and exchange business cards. Light Appetizers are provided / Cash Bar.

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This Event's Motivational Speaker
Steven Goldschmidt Photo
Steven Goldschmidt

The foundation of your Health as it relates to your Business foundation

Importance of Personal Physical Wellbeing in Business
When an individual's personal physical wellbeing is neglected, it can have a ripple effect on the business foundation. In order for a company to thrive, it needs its employees to be in good physical, structural, mental, and emotional health. This allows for a more productive and efficient workforce.
Furthermore, personal physical wellbeing can also impact an individual's decision-making abilities. When we are not feeling our best physically or mentally, it can be difficult to make clear and rational decisions. This can lead to mistakes or poor choices that can ultimately affect the company's success.

Talk Learning Objectives:
- Physical imbalances externally project internal distress
- Stance, posture, facial expressions unconsciously provide signals
- Firm personal foundation supports strong professional presence
- Positive attitude, smiling personality helps solve problems
- Stressful environments impact long-term health if issues left unaddressed
- Setting goals improves well-being through short and long-term strategies
- Physical posture and mannerisms can impact business environment
- Proper business foundation includes positive attitude, personality, and problem-solving skills
- Stressful environments can negatively affect personal health
- Setting short and long-term goals can help fix issues

Speaker Bio:
I have been a doctor of Chiropractic for over 44 years. I specialize in whole body care from the feet to the head looking for the cause of problems not symptoms. I also specialize in feet the foundation of the body and how it can effect health. My background is very eclectic including being a alternative Christian music producer, jewelry engraver, video production and cable director and editor, certified chef, college professor and much more.

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