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Spaces Uptown, 4th floor Mozaic East Building, 1330 Lagoon Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55408
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Wednesday June 5th @ 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

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Networking Arrive to meet new people have great conversations, and exchange business cards. Light Hors D'oeuvres & Drinks are provided.

Motivation - Watch a dynamic motivational speaker sharing their Ted Talks style presentation designed to leave you inspired with an educational take away.

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This Event's Motivational Speaker
Dr. Courtney Padjen, PhD, LMFT Photo
Dr. Courtney Padjen, PhD, LMFT

Ketamine: The Revolutionary Psychedelic

During this presentation, I aim to delve into the profound personal odysseys I have embarked upon through the utilization of ketamine, elucidating the invaluable insights I have gleaned from these transformative encounters. Subsequently, I will expound upon the preparation and integration procedures that have fortified my journey, while also shedding light on the myriad advantages that ketamine therapy bestows upon its recipients.

Talk Learning Objectives:
- Personal experiences with ketamine therapy
- Insights gained from ketamine therapy
- Preparation and integration process of ketamine therapy
- Benefits of ketamine therapy

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Courtney Padjen, PhD, LMFT, is not your average therapist. With a passion for pushing boundaries and exploring the depths of human connection, she is a force to be reckoned with. She is a Psychedelic-Informed Sex and Trauma Therapist based out of Minneapolis, MN. As the proud owner of Centre for Sexual Wellness, Dr. Padjen specializes in the realms of sex, relationships, and trauma, offering a safe space for clients to explore their concerns. Recently she started collaborating with the Institute for Integrative Therapy to integrate ketamine treatment into her work. But her impact doesn't stop at her private practice. Dr. Padjen is also a respected faculty member for the Marriage and Family Therapy program at National University, where she imparts her wisdom to aspiring therapists. Additionally, she serves as a research associate for TASHRA. With her innovative thinking, unwavering dedication, and commitment to helping others, she is shaping the future of therapy and redefining what it means to truly connect with oneself and others.

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