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Thursday July 18th @ 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

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Networking Arrive to meet new people have great conversations, and exchange business cards. Light Hors D'oeuvres & Drinks are provided.

Motivation - Watch a dynamic motivational speaker sharing their Ted Talks style presentation designed to leave you inspired with an educational take away.

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This Event's Motivational Speaker
Bentenbi Tani Photo
Bentenbi Tani

The Future of Business Networking: Trends and Innovations

In this enlightening session, "The Future of Business Networking: Trends and Innovations," we will delve into how emerging technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), are reshaping the way professionals connect and build relationships. As networking moves beyond traditional handshakes and business cards, AI is at the forefront, offering smarter, more efficient tools to enhance the quality and relevance of business interactions. This talk will explore innovative AI-driven platforms and tools that automate and personalize networking activities, from scheduling meetings to suggesting potential business partners based on deep learning algorithms. We'll also discuss the potential of predictive analytics to transform how businesses predict, manage, and benefit from their networking efforts. Additionally, we will address the ethical considerations and challenges that come with integrating AI into networking practices, including privacy concerns and the need for unbiased algorithms. Join us to discover how you can leverage the latest technological advancements to supercharge your networking strategy and forge meaningful business relationships in the digital age.

Here are some clear learning objectives:

Understand the Role of AI in Modern Networking: Gain insights into how artificial intelligence is transforming traditional networking by automating and enhancing connectivity and interactions among professionals.

Explore AI-Driven Networking Tools: Learn about the latest tools and platforms that utilize AI to streamline and optimize networking processes, including personalized recommendations and automated scheduling.

Recognize the Benefits of Personalized Networking: Discover how AI can analyze data to provide tailored networking opportunities, ensuring more relevant and fruitful connections.
Identify Key Trends in Digital Networking: Examine emerging trends in the digital networking space, including virtual reality meetings and blockchain for secure and transparent connections.

Discuss Ethical and Privacy Concerns: Address the ethical considerations and privacy implications of using AI in networking, focusing on how to responsibly handle data and avoid biases.

Prepare for Future Networking Challenges and Opportunities: Equip yourself with knowledge on how to navigate potential challenges and maximize opportunities in the evolving landscape of business networking influenced by technology.

Speaker Bio:
With over two decades of academic experience in higher education, I have committed my career to equipping undergraduates, postgraduates, and professionals with crucial digital-age skills. As a former associate professor, I've enhanced my proficiency in impactful speaking across multiple countries including Algeria, Tunisia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and beyond. I've shared my insights at various institutions, affecting diverse audiences across higher education, and government sectors.

I led a pivotal research initiative, "Digital Transformation & Data Literacy," sanctioned by Algeria's Ministry of Higher Education, which aimed to seamlessly integrate digital technologies into education. My goal is to merge higher education with industry to bolster global economic growth, championing collaboration among academia, corporations, startups, and governments to form enduring global partnerships.

I've also co-organized significant global events such as the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit in Washington D.C and Dubai, and was nominated as a member of the World Business Council in 2023. Recently relocated to the US, I am poised to leverage my expertise to foster worldwide corporate alliances and partnerships.

If you are looking for a visionary speaker adept at merging technology, education, and industry to drive sustainable growth, I encourage you to connect with me.

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