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About Me

Projects/start ups for the majority of 2020 for your notes today!
Coffee Acemannan Structured Structured Silver in Liquid Gel and Spray
Social Giving to Vets Service Members First Reponders
Clothing and Apparel
Replanting the dying coral reef in Florida and the Caribbean

Faith based restoration MN IA NB coming soon CO
Minnesota's Premier Gutter and Water Diversion Company
Teaching Clear Execution and Leadership to Sales Forces in Colombia Canada Mexico and the United States

RSDN Properties (Not open to the public)
Real Estate
Buying and holding residential and commerical properties
Bringing some of the most advanced food technology to the market place through an affiliate model with the purpose of eradicating childhood malnutrition
Bone Density
Skeletal and Central Nervous System
Exercise Band
The next generation of 10 minute work out.
Increasing muscle density X3

JL France LLC
Building and Teaching Process Training for Business in the Construction Trades

About My Company

Minnesota Based Companies

AT3 Gutters
Residential and Commercial Gutters

RPG Real People Giving
Acemannan Coffee Structured Structured Silver Liquid Gel Spray Wound Care

Saving the Worlds Oceans

Social Nutrition Business

T&J Construction
Restoration Construction Company
Locations in Minnesota Iowa and Nebraska

RSDN Properties
Purchasing Commerical Properties between 1 and 4 Million
Residential currently 12 plexes or smaller

Branding and Consulting

JL France LLC
Building and Teaching Process Training for Business in the Construction Trades

Who I want to meet...

Commerical Properties for Sale
1 to 4 Million Range

Medical Professionals
Structured Silver

Sales Professionals

A great referral for me is...

Medical Professionals
*RPG Structured Silver and Wound Care

Property Owners with Fire or Water Damage


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