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LeAnn Lyon

Chief Joy Officer at Joy-Minder Consulting
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About Me

"The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page." Saint Augustine (4th Century AD

LeAnn Lyon is the Chief Joy Officer of Joy-Minder. She has been a Teacher, Entrepreneur, BNI Director Consultant and Chapter President, worked on multiple Tony Robbins Crews, and was a Toast Masters President. She is a Black Belt and John Maxwell Speaker.

LeAnn is blessed to have visited 24 countries, 49 states, speak 2 languages, and own Joy Minder Consulting.

LeAnn was raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, is married to the love of her life since 1995, and is mom to two amazing young women. Former (and recovering) middle school math teacher, I moved into sales, earning national awards, then left that to buy my mother-in-law's company and re-brand it as AVivoPur. A Vivo means "to live" and though we have moved on from that business the name itself is an indicator of what I value.

Specialties: Speaker, Writer, Sapphire Consultant with Organo, Ambassador for BNI.

My Clifton StrengthsFinder top 5: Strategic, Achiever, Intellection, Positivity, Belief.

About My Company

Joy-Minder Consulting
Equipping You to Have More JOY, Freedom, and Flexibility in Your Business.
We share Trusted Tools, Curated Coaches, and New Business Ideas.

Corporate retiree at 49 years old from the business I started, now moving on to #Freedom in a #JustDiffernt way. I celebrate 25+ years of marriage, 2 grown daughters that have GRIT and are out making their way in the world, and a dream to equip more people to expand their hearts, minds, spirits, relationships, and soul by living out their dreams through entrepreneurship. I love reading, writing, inspirational quotes, boating, flying, driving, beach sitting, mountain hiking, and speaking foreign languages!

I left teaching in 1999 and have been in the business world ever since. I have been a top salesperson, high-dollar business consultant, brick-and-mortar business owner, network marketer, social media student then consultant, affiliate marketer, and more. Now my passion is to help others find their JOY in owning THEIR special business (not recruit them to mine!). That said, if you are looking for new opportunities I have ideas and people I can introduce to you. It would be my pleasure!

What do YOU do? What do YOU love to do? What challenges do you face, and wish you didn't have to deal with in business? Let's talk. I may have some solutions, many of which are free to use and will save you time and money.

Who I want to meet...

I am looking to connect with:

**Healers of any type--chiropractors, massage therapists, and much more. We can make their work less taxing and improve benefits to their patients.

**Life and Business Coaches who see physical needs in their clients which we can address

**MOST OF ALL... the organizations that either care for or reach out to these people so we can, together, have a bigger impact on helping more people live their lives to the fullest.
What we do is usually unique and we can work together to bring greater good to those we reach.

A great referral for me is...

++Sales and Labor people on their feet and taxing their bodies every day

++Athletes or former athletes with a current or old nagging injury, wanting to return to being more active.

++People who know they are not getting enough quality sleep, and don't want to take medication to sleep.

++Women who are responsible for the health of their children, their spouse, their pets or their parents, and want to stay free of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


About Us

Accelerated Global Connections believes that personal connections drive business. We recognize there is a need for productive online avenues and events where people can connect with purpose and begin to do business with their online business community.

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