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Jan Hanson

Owner - CEO at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance
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About Me

Jan Hanson, PT/ FYZICAL - Woodbury, MN
Owner and Director, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Minnesota, a Master of Science Degree in Physical Education with emphasis in Human Performance and Exercise Physiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She continues to learn and train with over 40 years of post graduate study. Because of her interest in addressing the body as a whole, she has completed extensive training in pain management, wellness, manual therapy, Pilates, concussion, balance, as well as the effect the brain has on pain. She has been an adjunct professor of Physical Therapy (University of Colorado), appointed by the Governor of Colorado to serve on his Council for Health Promotion and Physical Fitness, and more recently invited to be a member of the Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group. She is motivated by returning her patients to a life they can live fully. When she plays, she finds enjoyment with gardening, travel, musical theater, creative projects, and most of all her therapy dog, Bentley.

About My Company

FYZICAL Therapy and Balance - Woodbury, provides innovative unique approaches to physical therapy designed with the goal of helping you live and love your life again. Physical Therapy should be about more than exercise after an injury or surgery. At FYZICAL, we take a whole-body approach to address YOUR specific needs. If you're struggling with pain, balance or the inability to do things you enjoy, isn't it time to choose a clinic that's right for YOU? It's your body. Take back your life.

Who I want to meet...

Any one who knows someone struggling with pain, dizziness or balance issues.

A great referral for me is...

* Who can't make it through the day without limiting pain, such as Migraine, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia.
* For people who have been injured--Auto or Sports.
* For people who have fallen and never want to fall again.
* For people who are fearful of falling and fracturing a hip.
* For people in pain that are afraid the pain will never go away.


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