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Eddie Nestingen

Owner at Nestingen Renewable Energy
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About Me

Eddie Nestingen, a Lighting Specialist for yellowblueLED is committed to helping you save, time, money and the environment through quality LED lights. His passion is to improve your bottom line, the quality of your workspace and give everyone a brighter future.

As an outdoor enthusiast LED lights make sense.

About My Company

Are you concerned about the bottom line? Do you want to help the environment? These two goals are not polar opposites. Nestingen Renewable Energy, NRE, is here to help you attain both goals.

Who I want to meet...

Decision makers that are concerned about the bottom line and the people who work for and with them.

A great referral for me is...

Building and property owners that want stop the hemorrhaging of their utility bills and reduce maintenance expenses for: parking lots, office spaces, warehouses, retail spaces, any space that requires light; day or night.

Business owners that are interested in improving their bottom line and want to provide great workspace lighting for their employees.

Businesses, municipalities and non-profits that are looking to improve the environment and cut costs at the same time.


About Us

Accelerated Global Connections believes that personal connections drive business. We recognize there is a need for productive online avenues and events where people can connect with purpose and begin to do business with their online business community.

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