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Tom Mosman

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About Me

I run Masterminds and Study Groups.

I create world class mastermind and study groups both online and in person from 4 hours up to two full days. I do 85% of the work, provide all the cutting edge tools and make all the arrangements.

I partner and split all profits with the facilitator at an agree-to price.

About My Company

"Making self improvement and self empowerment the new educational norm."

We all know the college and university system is not keeping up with very fast-paced times we live in and that makes mastermind groups more important than ever.

Who I want to meet...

People who are passionate about their niche (their superpower), have a following, and are ready to educate and empower other like-minded people to greater achievement in a very comfortable setting while earning a very nice profit.

A great referral for me is...

Anyone with a skillset or specialized knowledge that is ready to find additional ways to monetize those skills that will be extremely impactful to likeminded people.


About Us

Accelerated Global Connections believes that personal connections drive business. We recognize there is a need for productive online avenues and events where people can connect with purpose and begin to do business with their online business community.

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