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Dave Skinner

President & Founder at Applied Countermeasures Group (ACG)
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About Me

I am a USAF veteran and 28-year law enforcement professional. I began serving as a soldier in 1986 and moved on to a very successful law enforcement career! I served for 10 years with the Great Falls Police Department, 1 year as an International Police Task Force Officer in Kosovo, 1 year as a Montana State Criminal Investigator and 13 years as a United States Federal Air Marshal.

In 2015 I decided to venture away from government service and begin serving the private sector. I co-founded Applied Countermeasures Group (ACG) with friend and business partner Troy Szotkowski. We work directly with corporations, retail businesses, churches and schools.

I specialize in conducting physical security risk assessments, writing emergency action plans and training personnel in various security related courses, to include; Behavior Recognition & Response, Active Threat/Shooter Response, and basic to advanced firearms courses. We also conduct concealed carry courses for Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida.

About My Company

ACG is a security consulting and training company. Our consultants are active and retired law enforcement professionals with extensive experience in our field. We conduct physical security risk assessments and work closely with our clients to identify vulnerabilities and offer solutions for mitigation. When your Risk Assessment is complete and clarity is achieved we develop Emergency Action Plans and training programs that make sense and offer the best solutions for responding to emergency situations! Our motto is; Be Prepared to Protect. We believe that every business, church and school needs to do their due diligence to protect their employees, congregants and students. We understand that achieving your safety and security goals can be a daunting and somewhat overwhelming task. Contact us at We will put our professionals to work for you!

Who I want to meet...

I would like to meet with business owners and board members that have the responsibility of securing their business and safeguarding their employees.

A great referral for me is...

Our ideal client is any place of worship (church), school, university, corporate office or retail business.


About Us

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