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Val Bullerman

Founder, CEO at The Business Success Group
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About Me

Val Bullerman is an award-winning speaker having won the “Outstanding Speaker of the Year” award from Polka Dot Powerhouse. She has traveled the world sharing her philosophies of connection and making money in business. She is inspires and motivates while sharing her simple yet effective techniques with business owners of service-based businesses so they can stop working so hard, make the consistent money they desire, and easily add 100K to their business using her proprietary Connect and Grow Rich System. Guaranteed!

When starting her business, she was like many coaches, great skills, but not making enough money in her business. When she developed her patented process Connect and Grow Rich, she was able to triple her business 3 years in a row!

Val is an international coach, mentoring and coaching clients all over the world and worked in the Netherlands for just over 3 years with all types of business owners. Doing retreats around the world is one of her special passions, giving women the experience of a lifetime to connect and create while transforming themselves.  

Val loves being a grandma and spending time with her husband and three children.  They have a goofy Shitzu named Max that keeps everyone laughing and well-loved.  

My motto is "Connect and Grow Rich ~ Let's make 100K the easy way".

About My Company

Our company goal is straightforward… to help serious business owners generate more clients, close more sales, and increase their overall revenue and profits… quickly and inexpensively. If you’re interested in adding an extra $100,000 to your bottom-line revenue over the next 12 months… without selling more time for money… then I can help you.

I specialize in sales and marketing for small business owners. Over the years, I’ve developed a keen understanding of the complex issues facing small business owners in the type of volatile economy we have today.

My experience has helped me develop the skills to quickly and effectively teach business owners how to successfully apply the right strategies in the right order that allows them to grow their business to its maximum capacity.

Interested.....Intrigued? Then let's connect!

Who I want to meet...

I want to meet service-based women entrepreneurs who are working too hard to make the consistent money they desire. I help them to easily add 100K to their business using my proprietary Connect and Grow Rich System. Guaranteed!

A great referral for me is...

A service-based woman business owner who has been in business for a couple of years made some money, and is tired of working so hard. They are ready for it to be easy to make great money and create the life they love!


About Us

Accelerated Global Connections believes that personal connections drive business. We recognize there is a need for productive online avenues and events where people can connect with purpose and begin to do business with their online business community.

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