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Eric Hempler

Owner at Main Street Ledger
AGC Connections: 30

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About Me

I live in Apple Valley with my wife and three kids.

Interests outside of work include
- Music, ranges from Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul
- House Projects, mostly a Deck/Gazebo I've been working on
- Mythology, I have a curiosity of different mythologies and different interpretations of those stories
- Stand Up Comedy, I watch quite a bit of it online. Some for entertainment and others to hear what they have to say.
- Podcasts, How I Built This, Stuff You Should Know, Freakanomics, Joe Rogan
- Cooking, Mostly Grilling, but have also played around with learning how to actually cook and venture through a few countries foods

About My Company

We are your personal Accounting Department

Bookkeeping Services - Bookkeeper

Accounts Payable
- Subscription (with client access) to a Cloud Storage Program to store supplier invoices
- Upload & attach supplier invoices and receipts to expense transactions in bookkeeping software
- Reconcile accounts payable
- Weekly payment setup for you to approve securely and simply online
- Weekly and Monthly Creditors Reports showing whom you've paid and who is still outstanding

Accounts Receivable
- Create, code, and issue Customer invoices
- Produce Weekly and Monthly Debtor Reports to show who still owes money
- Reconcile Accounts Receivable

- Reconcile credit card and bank statements
- Maintain data feeds into your accounting program
- Issue a monthly report on transaction trends and suggested improvements

Payroll Management
- Record Employee and Subcontractor Pay
- Payroll Reconciliation
- Payroll Run

Accounting Services - Accountant are generally associated with Reporting.

Balance Sheet
Gives a broad overview of where your company stands in relation to its assets, liabilities, and equity.

Statement of Cash Flows
Outlines where your money is going to and coming from.

Profit First Assessment
The Profit First Assessment is a broad-reaching tool that helps determine if too much money is being allocated to specific areas. Once we have this report we can then go to our line items on the Income Statement and determine what areas we can improve.

Income Statement
A snapshot of the company's performance. You can drill down to see where your biggest expenses are and which services make the most money and most of all you can measure your company's profitability.

Who I want to meet...

I enjoy talking with business owners.

Learning how they got started and how they grew their company to where they are today.

One of my favorite podcasts is, How I Built This

A great referral for me is...

I would like to find a Tax Preparer I could partner with

Otherwise, any small business is fine.

However, my focus recently has been developing reports for construction companies. We've been busy creating Cost Reports for their projects and creating a Work in Progress Report to manage all their jobs in one spot. These reports generally manage financial performance.


About Us

Accelerated Global Connections believes that personal connections drive business. We recognize there is a need for productive online avenues and events where people can connect with purpose and begin to do business with their online business community.

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