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Kim Nagle

Founder / President at DAMN Plan Coaching, LLP
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About Me

I'm a keynote speaker, business coach, and author of The DAMN Plan How To Find Freedom, Love, And Money In Your Business. I believe people are capable of taking authority over their lives and deserve the life they have always dreamt of – they just need a DAMN Plan.

About My Company

DAMN Plan Coaching helps women get paid what they are worth through individual and group coaching. My coaching programs are based on the principles in my book, The DAMN Plan How To Find Freedom, Love, And Money In Your Business. These are the same principles that increased my revenue by 500% in 18 months and continue to pay myself my value every month thereafter for the past 4 years. If you would like to know more, I would love to tell you more! Schedule a call with me here:

Who I want to meet...

- woman business owners who are ready to do what it takes to find more freedom, love and money in their businesses aka more time for life AND more money to live it!
- women in business who are tired of working for less than what they are worth and want to start paying themselves consistently - every month - their value pay!
- women in business who may be frustrated with their businesses and struggling to connect with their ideal clients - you know the ones who are willing to make the right investment for the value that you bring AND that are a joy to work with!
- women who are considering a career transition from a "job" to self-employment / business ownership and want to "get it right" right out of the gate - so that they can live life on their terms with purpose.

A great referral for me is...

A great coaching referral for me are women who've been in business for 2 plus years and are ready to bring their business to a higher level and get paid their worth.

For speaking, women's business centers, women's groups, financial and insurance institutions, and organizations that are looking for an inspirational speaker for their next event are great referrals for me.


About Us

Accelerated Global Connections believes that personal connections drive business. We recognize there is a need for productive online avenues and events where people can connect with purpose and begin to do business with their online business community.

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