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Blake DeJong

Owner/Chiropractor at Elite Spine Chiropractic
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About Me

Dr. Blake DeJong grew up in Eden Prairie and has decided to come back to his hometown to open his own chiropractic practice and help his community thrive. Dr. Blake’s passion for chiropractic started when he was a little kid, and his dad took him to a chiropractor because of back pain from playing hockey. He loved going to the chiropractor every week because he knew it would provide him relief from the pain; he always felt so much better after getting adjusted.

It was through this first-hand experience that he learned chiropractic benefits extend far beyond treating back and neck pain. Chiropractic encompasses every aspect of your body and life; it focuses on your nervous system, which controls your whole body. Therefore, when you receive a chiropractic treatment, your nerves are relieved of pressure and can resume functioning as designed. That ensures you feel and heal better.

After graduating from Eden Prairie High School, Dr. Blake attended Creighton University where he got his bachelor’s degree in exercise science. After college he went to Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN to obtain his doctorate in chiropractic. During this time, Dr. Blake started to put together a plan to fulfill his dream of opening his own practice in his hometown. He has seen that dream through to reality by opening Elite Spine Chiropractic. He is extremely excited to finally be able to help and serve his community in any way possible and hopes that he can have the same impact on others as he has received from chiropractic care!

About My Company

At Elite Spine Chiropractic, we focus on helping residents of the greater Eden Prairie area get their health on track. We have one goal for your care: to maximize the function of your nervous system, so your body can function at its optimal potential.

Interferences in the link between your brain and your body caused by misalignments in the spine can impair internal organs and organ systems, limit healing potential, and set the stage for sickness and diseases of all kinds. Our chiropractic team is highly trained in identifying the misalignments in your spine, making proper adjustments to relieve the pressure on your nervous system, and igniting natural healing for your body.

Who I want to meet...

I would love to meet anyone that works or lives around the Eden Prairie and surrounding area. I would like to meet with different businesses and talk with them about how I can help them and their office!

A great referral for me is...

A great referral for me could honestly be anyone. People out there are hurting in 1000 ways that chiropractic can help. People are in pain, taking pills and who knows what else. Young kids, infants, men, women and seniors are struggling with things you can see and most things you can't see and that they will never tell you about.

You have friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors and how may of these people would be better off if they saw a chiropractor? All of them either a little or a lot and for some could save their future or even life!


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