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Enrique Franco

Account Executive at AT&T
AGC Connections: 24

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About Me

I am from the Dominican Republic, I like to work out, dance and play electronic music, I am Account Executive for AT&T, I can help consumers and businesses with their wireless cellphone account as well as providing top customer satisfaction.

Do you like going to store or calling in? - The most common answer is "No" I can take that weight off of your shoulders, I want to be your non-paid employee who will handle that part of your business.

About My Company

AT&T is the industry leader for cellphones and entertainment, our service is great in all areas of the country.

Who I want to meet...

It managers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, business owners, and solopreneurs.

A great referral for me is...

People who are paying too much for their cellphone account also Small businesses who deploy cellphones to their employees, companies such as construction, landscape, snow plow, towing, police, fire departments, ems services.


About Us

Accelerated Global Connections believes that personal connections drive business. We have observed that strong personal connections often start in a casual environment outside of the traditional work day. We recognize there is a need for productive events where people can meet with purpose and begin to do business with people they enjoy hanging out with and maybe even become friends.

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