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Rebecca Rausch

Owner, Head Lizard at Neon Lizard Creative
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About Me

Neon Lizard Creative helps you strengthen your brand by creating a unique visual style and message so that potential clients not only notice you, but listen to what you have to say, and trust you enough to buy from you. ‚Äč

Remember the TV show, Bewitched? Darrin Stevens, the husband of Samantha Stevens, was a graphic designer. As a child , I grew up thinking that he had the best job on the planet. I was right! From age 12 on, this little lizard designed cheer posters, door decor and more, following that creative path with passion. Graduating with a BFA in Design, I became an agency Creative Director within 3 years. I won local, national and international awards as I scurried up the ladder of agencies and built a solid portfolio. Around 30, I realized that I was pretty much running the agency at which I was working. So, I took a chance and struck out on my own.

I am proud to say, I still have my very first client and have built long lasting friendships with many clients along the way. NLC has been able to serve large Fortune 300+ companies and position myself as a valuable design resource and backup, as well as help 100s of young start-up companies make their mark.

Now, I've got a fantastic team that provides many of the marketing services you may need. Our LIZARD name is on it, so we will do everything it takes to make your project/s successful, and you...downright giddy.

About My Company

We are a team of relaxed, eager to please, graphic freaks. We want nothing more than to help you get to the next level and break through the noise of advertisement.

Our business model is fair, rational and revolutionary. See how we are different before you make a choice for your branding team.

Our office is located in the Prior Lake, MN City Hall and have the ability to serve companies nationwide or internationally. We have a collective 70+ years experience, so there isn't much we have not done...and if we don't do it, we'll find someone who can.

We look forward to working with you!

Who I want to meet...

Ambitious young or established businesses eager to stand out and want to create a trusted brand relationship with their customers.

We work with many industries, particularly manufacturers (check out our catalogs and instruction manuals!), healthcare, sports, construction, realty, event and service industries.

A great referral for me is...

At NLC, we serve new and established businesses that would like to take their brand to the next level. Our ideal client is daring, fun and eager to build a revolutionary image as to not blend in with the masses. They appreciate integrity and understand that branding is a deep relationship with the consumer and not simply manipulation to buy.

We are adored by those who are tired of undependable vendors and paying huge agency rates and especially those who love transparency and lack of pretense. We want to be more than a vendor, we want to be your partner dedicated to your success. Please see our website!


About Us

Accelerated Global Connections believes that personal connections drive business. We recognize there is a need for productive online avenues and events where people can connect with purpose and begin to do business with their online business community.

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