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Lynn Laumann

Owner/Photographer at Lynn Laumann Photography
AGC Connections: 37

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About Me

I am a full time photographer and studio owner in historic downtown Chaska. I have been photographing businesses and families since 1999! From head shots to website images and events I have the experience and expertise to create images that set your business apart from your competition. I am skilled at any lighting situation and have a knack for getting the look you need. My complimentary consultations are the perfect place to plan for an easy and creative photo session and discuss your needs. From newborns to graduating seniors and everything in between capturing your family's story is what I am focused on. I know you are busy and it feels impossible to get a session planned. Let me help you decide everything from location and time of day to clothing choices and photo products. You don't need to know everything, let's just start a conversation!

About My Company

My studio is located in historic downtown Chaska. The studio is available for sessions and there are numerous outdoor locations within minutes of the studio that have a variety of looks. Need a service done on location or at a venue? I can do that as well. I have been in business for 20 years and do any business and family photography service. My style is authentic and real and all of my images are edited, retouched, and sized for what you need.

Who I want to meet...

I would love to meet other business professionals that love helping other businesses. If you and I have a similar client and we can refer each other that is a great fit.

A great referral for me is...

If you know someone that appreciates the quality, ease, and customer service of a 20 year professional photographer that is a great referral for me. I love helping people create images that show off what they love! It's my job to have the knowledge and skill to create the photos. Not sure what you need or want? No problem, I have a consultation for that!


About Us

Accelerated Global Connections believes that personal connections drive business. We have observed that strong personal connections often start in a casual environment outside of the traditional work day. We recognize there is a need for productive events where people can meet with purpose and begin to do business with people they enjoy hanging out with and maybe even become friends.

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