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Dan Iverson

Owner/Photographer at Anthologie
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About Me

Hi there! My name is Dan and I'm the owner and lead photographer at Anthologie, a Twin Cities-based commercial and event photography studio.

I began my photography career working several years for newspapers in Southern Minnesota, covering everything from the Minnesota Vikings to breaking news, always with an emphasis on building relationships with the community and its leaders.

Today, I still call upon my skills as an on-assignment news photographer to create imagery that helps to tell my clients' stories in an engaging manner. I'm always looking for ways to not only create well-composed photos, but ones that will help to drive forward the message of my clients and help viewers to relate to that message in a way that words alone cannot do.

When I'm not behind the lens, you're likely to find me volunteering as a manager for my son's youth hockey team, exploring the local dog park with my red lab "Princess Leia" or looking for the next greatest dining destination with my wife of 15 years. ... that or drinking lots of coffee. Black.

Who I want to meet...

I'm interested in building sustained relationships with leaders, regardless of what their title may be. I get inspired by others who are quick learners and those eager to partner for success. You never know where or when the next big opportunity will find you. The HVAC tech who visits you in a time of need might be your foot in the door to that company you've been after for years. You just need to ask the right questions. That being said, some work titles that are often great leads include: Marketing Directors, HR Directors, Business Development Directors, Corporate Concierges, Executive Assistants and Office Managers.

A great referral for me is...

I enjoy helping start-up companies to ensure their story is a success story. Creating a library of compelling images that showcase their people, products and services helps them to win trust with and explain their work to prospective clients. Whether it's a new product or something more abstract, I am always up for the challenge of illustrating what matters most to you in your business.

You might not know that I took a year off from photography in 2004 to build my own home with my father-in-law. I learned many skills that gave me valuable insight to contractors and other skilled laborers. It generated a passion for stone masonry and landscaping in my personal life, and that's why today I thrive working in both the so-called, blue-collar and white-collar arenas. It's just as inspiring to me to photograph a concrete-footing innovation as it is a chemical synthesis in a lab.

In addition, I'm most at home when documenting events as they naturally happen. This makes corporate event photography a natural fit. Galas, awards ceremonies and other on-site programs are amazing opportunities to share your company story with others.


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